Honda Civic & Integra Type R

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Routine Maintenance To Engine Building

For the last 10 years I have been working on all of the Honda Type R model family. From building high compression B18C screamers to sleeved and forged Turbo K20's. With vast experience in road and race cars, your car is in safe hands.


We offer all levels of servicing for all Honda Civic & Integra Type R vehicles. Includint timing belts and timing chains. We can supply and fit genuine and after market parts. 


Repairs and modifications to Honda B & K series engine transmission units. Installation and set up of LSD. Replacement of worn syncromesh components and gears. Even engine swap drive shaft options we can help.


Everything from performance cam shaft installation and set up to full high-performance engine building. Whatever you have in mind we can offer the best  possible service to make your plans become reality. Please see some of  the testimonials from customers about engine work they've had completed. 


Honda's performance cars have always been at the forefront  of affordable performance. The Integra Type R both DC2 and 5 are  arguably the best handling front wheel drive chassis ever made. If you  would like to know more about how we can help you improve how your Type r  handles please get in touch. From the 1990's glorious twin wishbone fully independent geometry to the modern day FK2 and FK8 complex hub assemblies.